From one number to the next: New Year’s Eve thoughts

2014 has a few more hours left. Tick, tock, tick, tock. There are infinite numbers in this finite world. But in this moment, in this fraction of time, we set our eyes on one number. We hold a countdown for its limits and of its limits. We wait and we celebrate as Human Year turns a year older.
To 2015!
On New Year’s Eve, hours before Human Year’s birthday, we hope that “a year older” would mean “a year wiser.” We pray that “a year wiser” would mean “a year more bountiful.” We whisper to ourselves and to the universe that “a year more bountiful” would mean “a year most beautiful.”

Tick, tock, tick, tock. We now wonder how the celebrant will look like–how 2015 will look like. We envision the celebrant’s grand entrance, its grace, and its solemn but powerful roar:

“I am infinite for 365 days. I will break the limits of my infinity. And for 365 days, I will prove that the paradoxes of life make perfect sense. I will look at the world with new eyes. On the 365th day, on my last day, I will simply smile the happiest of all smiles.”


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