Leap of Faith

I wrote this short piece more than a year ago. Today, I’m removing one word, making it all new and making it the piece that describes not what I felt when I wrote it for the first time, but what I’m feeling now:

When you fall, you don’t take a chance. You take a leap of faith. Chance presents you with probabilities, while a leap of faith gives you the butterflies in your stomach.

Somewhere along the way, you release these butterflies. You set them free. And you, with a new spirit and with a new zest for life, fall all over again. And over and over again.

As if by instinct, you freeze one fall. You stop at mid-air. Your eyes twinkle and your whole being lights up–because now you realize that the fall is no longer what it is. At this beautiful but frightful moment, your feet are now as firm as they could be on the ground.

You’re no longer falling. You’re now standing by love. You’re now standing up for love.

You ask yourself a question. That one question.

You answer, “Leap of faith.”


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