A note to a song

I listened to you a few days ago. It wasn’t the first time I got lost in your melody and found my way back in your rhythm. But in the middle of traffic on that scorching late morning, you flew me to a breezy place. You took me to a new world of thought.

You’re more than just lyrical love. I listened to you long and hard, and beneath your flowery words, I saw pictures of what could be and of what should be.

It’s pretty funny that, out of all the pieces, you’re the one who reminds me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing one over many. Your highs and your lows tell me that a picture is never worth a thousand words for the one who’s in it, for the one who smiled for it. Rather, it is worth a thousand feelings captured in a single word.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing with me your poetic smoothness and your unbreakable voice. I can’t thank you enough for helping me realize that there’s an incredible reason why people get their feet swept off the ground. It’s not just for love and for show. It’s for life.

With you, there’s never a goodbye. There’s only a pattern of new and better hellos and a series of more hits and less misses.


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